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Our company specializes in the repair and maintenance of fork-lift trailers, elevating machines and machine tools. We have been providing these services to our clients since 2001 and we also deal with distribution of machine parts at favourable prices.

We offer a fair price-value ratio by providing our services at 30-40% lower prices compared to other Hungarian service companies. We offer full service engineering for the following brands: LINDE, YALE, STILL and Jungheinrich. These brands define our main profile, and we undertake total repairs, servicing after a given number of hours run, and quarterly service. Quality tools and spare parts are available for performing these repairs and maintenance works. This is the basis of the quality service we are providing.

Our services

Our services include the following works: maintenance tasks, on-site repairs, programming and distribution of machine parts.

Maintenance works

Maintenance works include servicing after a given number of hours run (500 hours run) or quarterly servicing. The materials necessary for servicing are always provided by our company and we also arrange for the removal of used materials and machine parts.

On-site repairs

Repair works are, if possible, done on-site for the sake of the customer's convenience. We do a precise and quick work so that the machines can be used again at a good working condition within the shortest time possible.

We prepare a preliminary and free quotation for the repair work, which contains an itemized list of machine parts, their prices, the planned time of work and expected costs.

We grant a warranty period of 6 months for the machine parts, which were necessary for the repair and have been obtained and installed by us. The maximum time needed for obtaining the machine parts is three days.


Programming works are performed to interpret and delete error codes and error messages, to calibrate driving and lifting parameters and resetting the counters after services necessary after a given number of hours run.

Obtaining machine parts

Machine parts are obtained through our international partners, but transferred to the users by our company. The margin for the machine parts is 12% only, plus the logistic costs. In light of this, you can obtain the needed machine parts at the most favourable price via our company.

Why should you choose us?

With our services you can provide the best price-value ratio to your company, and this is associated with a quick and precise work. Regarding our quality standards, please, have a look at our references.

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